American Turbo Systems

A/M32C-10C NSN: 4120-01-101-4704
This unique ground support system used in conjunction with the A/M32A-60A ground start cart supplies conditioned air to aircraft and missile systems. It meets the requirements for mobility and air transportability and supports aircraft such as the F5, F14, F15, F16 and F and RF-111 as well as A7 and A10 types.

Featuring completely pneumatic control and incorporating a high performance air cycle cooling package, the unit is trailer mounted. Modular maintenance makes this a most desirable and functional GSE unit for military and other specialized applications.

MEP362A NSN: 6115-01-161-3992
10Kw 28V dc Gas turbine driven Generator Set. This lightweight, mobile, fully contained system is capable of supporting a wide range of helicopter and aircraft starting and maintenance functions. Fitted with a brushless DC generator with solid state regulation assures precise (Class 1 power) over a wide range of temperature and altitude conditions. Full instrumentation, integral fuel tank and small size with a TT10-1 integrated and de-rated Gas turbine engine able to operate on a variety of fuels, it has recently found service in the civil helicopter support community.

A/M32A-60A NSN: 6115-00-420-8486
Generator set Gas turbine powered meeting MIL-STANDARDS Mil-Q-9858A, Mil-Std-704 and 882. Includes all hoses, cables and fitting.

TT10-1 Gas Turbine Engine
ATS manufactures this engine for application in Ground Support Equipment. The engine is rated at 75 shp with output at 12000 rpm on a single standard output pad. The engine is equipped with a fully automated control system based on an ECU and is complete with all accessories.



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